About Our Team

  • Born in Washington D.C. U.S.A.

  • Fluent in English and Spanish.

  • Working knowledge of French.

  • Extensive knowledge of injuries caused by auto accidents.

  • Experience in the medico-legal aspect of auto and work related injuries.

  • Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine – Life University, Marietta U.S.A.

  • BS in Biology – University of New York

  • Member: American Chiropractic Association and Oregon Chiropractic Association

  • United States Marine Corps veteran and Veteran of Foreign wars

  • Licensed in the state of Oregon, Georgia and Florida.

  • Doctor in good standing without any complaints ever filed.

My years of experience and study have influenced me on what I consider to be the most important factor as a care giver and healer.

Getting rid of pain is important, but pain is a built in alarm system letting you know you have to address a problem that is causing a break down in your body and must be addressed.

Returning function and vitality to the body where it has been lost is the most important aspect of treating a health problem.

The pain will resolve itself when your body’s problem has been corrected. It will return if the problem has not been resolved or has been masked by pain killers. Pain killers are toxic to the body and have consequences. 

“Look well to the spine for the cause of disease…” ~ Hippocrates

  • Born in Moscow Russia, American Citizen since 2003

  • Fluent in Russian: native speaker

  • Working Knowledge of Spanish

  • Extensive knowledge in the field of exercise and rehab

  • Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine – University of Western States

  • BS in Health and Wellness: Exercise Science Concentration with a minor in Chemistry – Eastern Oregon University

  • BBS in Human Biology – University of Western States

  • Member: American Chiropractic Association and Oregon Chiropractic Association

  • Eagle Scout: BSA

  • FMT I & II Certified

  • Doctor in good standing without any complaints ever  filed

Injuries and traumas to the body can compromise a person’s life, limiting things that you were once able to do.

Chiropractic care can get you better and return you to the things you love to do.

As chiropractors we treat your body’s problems at the source, not just the symptoms.

We will do our best in order to restore you to the level of well being and vitality that you deserve.”

– Dr. Vlad Kostin

Why choose NorthWest Chiropractic and Accident Center as my Chiropractic center?

I have been a chiropractor for almost 20 years. My experience both in the clinical setting and the medical-legal arena has helped my patients to recover better, faster and transmit any important information resolution for a quick solution to your case. I can be proud of our therapeutic equipment since our facilities have all the necessary tools to date for the care and documentation of  your case.

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