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What to Do to Relieve Neck Pain After car Accident?

Author:Carlos Hinojosa DC

Neck pain is a common condition after an accident. It can be caused by whiplash from any type of trauma, such as forceful movements (as in a car accident or sports malpractice) or a dry blow. Many patients have other symptoms such as migraine, shoulder muscle tension, or stiff neck.

Due to its flexibility to allow sufficient cranial movement, the neck area is susceptible to damage that hinders the patient’s daily activities, from tension to swelling and pain. The muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs, and nerves are too sensitive, which is why it’s necessary to see a specialist in case of constant discomfort.

What are the common symptoms?

It is normal to feel neck pain a few days after the injury. Sometimes patients report feeling discomfort 24 hours after the possible trauma (especially upon waking in the morning). Depending on the severity of the problem, the pain may go away in the next few days with enough rest. However, this is not always the case.

The most common symptoms of cervicalgia (or neck pain) are:

  • Pain in the neck area: An injury affects each part of the neck differently, so the pain may vary. Some people report punctures (whiplash) when trying to move their neck. Others feel an unjustified weight (muscle tension) between the back of their neck and the top of their head. Some patients experience tingling, involuntary muscle movements (cramping), or burning.
  • Shoulder and back pain: Remember that the neck is part of the spine. When it’s damaged, back pain (especially in the lower part) is an average symptom. The shoulders also help support the weight of the head and connect to the muscles in the neck. Therefore, neck problems can extend to them.
  • Headache: For people who are prone to migraines, neck pain is the companion (and sometimes the cause) of their head discomfort. This is because the muscles of the neck support the head. If these muscles are weakened or injured, the head also suffers from its own weight.
  • Stiffness: Lack of neck movement is an unmistakable symptom of an injury after an accident. If the patient has constant difficulty moving the neck (torticollis), it means that the muscles and tendons have not yet healed. For this reason, it’s recommended that you see an accident chiropractor.
  • Dizziness and/or nausea: Although it’s less recurrent in people who don’t suffer from migraine, dizziness, vertigo, and vomits can occur due to neck pain. More than a hearing or stomach problem, it’s due to headaches and poor posture of the patient after the injury.
  • Hearing discomfort: Some patients may feel an unpleasant sensation in their ears, such as ringing or very mild deafness.
  • Blurred vision: Although less common, blurred vision often fades in the first few days of neck pain after an accident.

To heal neck pain and its consequences, prudent recovery time is necessary. Healing can take months or years, depending on the tissues that suffered the injury and its severity.  While muscles recover faster, tissues and ligaments may take much longer. If they don’t heal completely, it can lead to permanent pain.

This is why the patient must undergo proper rehabilitation. That way, he/she ensures that the injury has a minimal long-term impact.

What to do to ease the neck pain?

This condition can have several causes.

The first, and most common in doctors’ offices, is bad posture. By unnaturally forcing the spine, the muscles of the shoulders and neck are tightened, producing pain. The second cause of neck pain is an injury that affects the neck area aggressively.

In both cases, the patient can choose from several alternatives:

  • Easing muscle or headaches includes taking anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers as long as they are compatible with other medical treatments. Be sure to seek medical advice before using any pills!
  • Another way is to use cold packs or heating pads. The temperature will cause the muscles to relax temporarily. Use them as needed every two to four hours.

However, if you have had an accident (car, fall, blow, etc.), it’s highly advised that you go to rehabilitation. Finding a chiropractor who knows how to work on any neck injury after an accident will influence your recovery and help improve your pain.

How do I find a chiropractor near me?

Currently, there are multiple options online to find Chiropractic specialists to start treatment for a neck injury as soon as possible. By going to a search engine and looking for «chiropractors near me”, you’ll be taking the first step towards boosting your health.

If you live around Vancouver, Washington, NE Portland, or Gresham, Oregon – we can help!

We have specialists with extensive medical backgrounds, so you no longer have to deal with your neck pain with unsatisfactory remedies.

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Author: Carlos Hinojosa DC

Extensive knowledge of injuries caused by auto accidents. Experience in the medico-legal aspect of auto and work related injuries. Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine – Life University, Marietta U.S.A. BS in Biology – University of New York Member: American Chiropractic Association and Oregon Chiropractic Association United States Marine Corps veteran and Veteran of Foreign wars Licensed in the state of Oregon, Georgia and Florida. Doctor in good standing without any complaints ever filed. My years of experience and study have influenced me on what I consider to be the most important factor as a care giver and healer.
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