First of all,  you pay for insurance to give you coverage for when you need it. In the state of Oregon, you are covered for up to 15,000 dollars for medical 
attention due to a car accident through your automobile insurance.   Many don’t use their insurance for fear of not having their rates increase.  Or they prefer to use their health insurance instead of their automobile insurance.  The problem is that many suffer consequences that affect them for the rest of their lives because of this fear or misunderstanding which prevents them from seeking medical attention.   Or,  they have waited too long and the insurance will not respond to the due to the wait.  We cannot speak for insurance companies, but our experience is that insurance don’t rise if you utilize your PIP coverage under your automobile insurance unless there are circumstances where the insurance company feels they need to raise your rates.  Our experience has shown that even if the  accident is your fault, your insurance rates usually don’t rise.  And if they determine that they need to raise your rates, they will raise them whether you seek medical attention or not.  Another misconception that people often have is that they don’t want to open up a claim thinking that the insurance company won’t find out.  It is your responsibility to inform your insurance company of any type of collision whether you were injured or not and need or don’t need to utilize the insurance.  So, use your insurance if you need it, or you will probably lose the benefits if you need them.  
What happens if you don’t have insurance?  
If you don’t have insurance, or your insurance expired and you forgot to make a payment or any other reason, in most cases if you were a passenger in a vehicle and don’t have insurance, don’t let that stop you from seeking care.  In our office you will most likely be able to receive care and treatment without any out of pocket expense.  This is based on contingency and case by case basis.  We will let you know so that you are not later surprised with a bill that you cannot pay.  We will do what we can so that you can receive the care that you need.  Just give us a call, let us know and schedule an appointment to see us.  At least you can get screened and while you are getting screened for any injury which will not cost you anything, we will find out if you will qualify for contingency payment. 
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