First of all,  you pay for insurance to give you coverage for when you need it.  Many don’t use their insurance for fear of not having their rates increase.  The problem is that many suffer consequences that affect them for the rest of their lives because of this.  And when they need to seek attention, they have waited to long and the insurance will not respond to the due to the wait.  We cannot speak for insurance companies, but our experience is that insurance don’t rise unless the accident is your fault. And it will rise whether you use your insurance to seek medical attention or not.  Also, you are required to inform your insurance company as soon as you are involved in an accident your fault or not.   If you don’t inform them, they will find out anyway. 

But if you have questions,  we can refer you to an insurance company specialist or an lawyer who will answer your questions for free without any obligation.  Just call us at 503-512-7076.  We will give you those numbers if you request them.