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Through The Experience Gained During The 24 Years Of Service In “The Majority Of Cases Of Headaches And Migraines Occur When The Neck (The Cervical Vertebrae) is not well aligned. Common Causes include a  Car Accident, Work Accident,  Whiplash where acceleration deaccelerating forces are involved.  At Home accidents such as slips and falls.  A Sedentary Life many times is the culprit along with the use Of Computers, Cell Phones (Text Messages) Etc. “. Headaches Are The Most Frequent Neurological Disorders And Are Among The Most Common Ailments In Doctors’ Consultations.

It Is Considered By WHO As A Disabling Pathology.

The Effectiveness Of Chiropractic In The Treatment Of Migraine Has Been The Subject Of Many Studies, Such As Those Acquired During The 6 Years Of Specialization In The University, Where It Is Concluded That Chiropractic Applied Through Adjustments Of The Vertebral Column, Results In An Improvement Almost Immediate Of The Headaches Originating In The Neck; Has Fewer Side Effects; And A More Lasting Relief Than That Provided By The Most Common Prescription Headache Medications.

On The Other Hand, A Study Conducted By The Journal Of Headache And Pain, Called “Manual Therapies For The Treatment Of Migraines”, Indicated In The Study Of Possible Solutions To Migraines Of Patients Who Did Not Tolerate The Side Effects Of Medications , Or Those Who For Other Reasons Preferred To Avoid Chemical Medication, Showed That Chiropractic Was Just As Effective As Prophylactic Or Preventive Treatments For Migraine.

Chiropractic Works By Restoring The Innate Ability Of The Body To Be Healthy. All The Cells, Tissues And Organs Of The Body Are Designed To Resist Diseases, Through The Immune System. Dr. Rian Fitzpatrick, Indicates That “The Chiropractic Treatment Method To Improve Health Is To Locate And Help Remove Nerve Interferences To The Natural State Of Being Healthy. “

A Common Interference To The Nervous System Are The 24 Mobile Bones Of The Spine. A Loss Of Movement Or Abnormal Position Of These Bones such as a misalignment caused by whiplash due to a car accident,  Can Irritate The Function Of The Nervous System. This Can Interrupt The Transmission Of Nerve Impulses That Control The Functions Of The Body.
Frequently, The Functioning Of The Nervous System Improves While Improving Vertebral Function. The Doctor In Chiropractic Helps To Remove The Interferences That Harm The Health.The Main Goal Of Your Care Is The Improvement Of The Function Of The Nervous System. Therefore, Chiropractic Can Have A Positive Effect On Many Health Conditions That Are Not Normally Considered A Back Problem.

Next Consider The Following Signs To Consult For A Headache With The Chiropractor:

  1. When You Have Never Had A Headache And From One Moment To Another Begins To Appear.
    When There Is A History Of Immunosuppression, Of Any Type Of Cancer Or When A Cranium Encephalic Trauma Has Occurred.
    3. When Headache Attacks Occur, Followed By The Inability Of The Person To Perform Academically Or Work.
    4. When The Person Needs To Consume Analgesics More Than 2 Or 3 Days A Week.
    A Patient With Migraine Presents A Labor Absenteeism Of Between 17 And 20 Days Per Year.

We are located in NE Portland, in the Gresham Portland line.  We are also close to Vancouver Washington and see many patients from the area.

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