Accident in Portland, Vancouver or Gresham?? You need to seek Chiropractors that understand, treat and have vast experience documenting car accident injuries and whiplash

Auto Accident

“Whiplash can happen to kids. Make sure you have them checked after a car accident”

Chiropractor Near me NE Portland


”Chiropractor near me” for the areas of NE Portland, Vancouver and Gresham although we serve all areas and other states as well

Work Accident

“Whiplash and Headaches are also common to work injuries”

Chiropractor Near me NE Portland

Our story

Chiropractor Near me NE Portland-Vancouver and Gresham 97230

Our Chiropractic Center has doctors with over 24 years in the field have vast experience treating and documenting car accident, motorcycle accident and work related accident injuries for the medico-legal community.

 The center is conveniently located and easily accessible to the NE Portland, Gresham and Vancouver Washington areas.  Located on the Gresham/NE Portland line and just across the river for Vancouver at 181 Avenue between Glisan and Stark.  Blocks away on Exit 13 on I-84. 

Our office staff is trained to assist you in any insurance or accident claims.

We have most of the forms required by the state of Oregon and Washington pertaining to auto accidents and work accidents.  And if we don´t, we will get them for you. 

We have also treated and are familiar with state and insurance requirements necessary to treat patients that have been injured in other states such as California and Florida.

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Ask for a free Chiropractic consultation if you have been injured in an auto accident so you

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Dr. Carlos Hinojosa

Born in Washington D.C. U.S.A.
Fluent in English and Spanish.
Working knowledge of French.
Extensive knowledge of injuries caused by auto accidents.
Experience in the medico-legal aspect of auto and work related injuries.                   Certified in Impairment ratings
Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine – Life University, Marietta U.S.A. BS in Biology – University of New York Member: American Chiropractic Association and Oregon Chiropractic Association
United States Marine Corps veteran and Veteran of Foreign wars
Licensed in the state of Oregon, Georgia and Florida.
Doctor in good standing without any complaints ever filed.
“My years of experience and study have influenced me on what I consider to be the most important factor as a care giver and healer.”

best car accident chiropractor in portland oregon gresham area 97230

¿Why choose Hinojosa Chiropractic and Accident Center as my Chiropractic center?

car accident chiropractor in portland oregon

“I have been a chiropractor for over 20 years.

My experience both in the clinical setting and the medical-legal arena has helped my patients to recover better, faster and transmit important information regarding accidents when necessary to insurance companies and attorneys mostly pertaining to auto accident and work accidents.
Our therapeutic equipment and therapists are geared towards treating whiplash and soft tissue type injuries as well as documenting and grading the severity of the injuries through diagnostic equipment and AMA guidelines since all the doctors at our center are certified to give impairment ratings.
I invite you to familiarize yourself with our services Contact and location: in the NE Portland, Gresham Oregon and Vancouver Washington region. 503-512-7076
Call us now!”

Chiropractor near me NE Portland-Vancouver and Gresham 97230

If you´ve been involved in a car or work accident, Do not hesitate for a second to call us, we will give you the first appointment for free and do not worry about the transport, we will send you to pick up

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