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Although we are located in Oregon, we are very close to Vancouver Washington and the surrounding areas.  Many Washington residents choose to 
see us for their Auto and work related injuries due to our experience treating and handling these types of cases.  We are well versed in insurance coverage
regarding Washington residents.  Don’t let the fact that we are in Oregon deter you from benefiting being treated in our office.  In the state of Washington, 
they don’t make injury protection mandatory as they do in the state of Oregon.  But they do give you an option to do so usually for very little more than what 
you pay to not have the coverage.  Regardless whether you do or do not,  in most cases we will take contingency payment usually after settlement of a case
so that you don’t have to pay for your treatment out of pocket.  This is handled on a case by case basis.  This way you can enjoy receiving the treatment that you 
need without worry and also have the experience of our doctors with their documentation handling accident cases which usually makes a big difference 
when settling cases.  
Example:  Its not the same to say “little johnny has neck pain after the accident” as  well you get the idea.   We are very explicit and thorough recognizing and describing every detail of your injury and treatment.  This is especially important if there is a claim due to the auto related collision or work accident. 
We are here for you!!