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This page is directed to attorney offices and entities which may require familiarization with our centers.  Our centers’ focus with regards to it’s patients which have suffered  work and auto injuries related to collisions and impacts is to understand the mechanism of injury of each case maximizing not only the care and rehab, but to also document and transmit injuries and evolvement of the case so that pertinent attorneys offices, insurance companies and court rooms may understand the medical aspects of the injured.  Diagnostic studies are performed such as MRI, NCV, Traumatic brain injury screening when required to name a few.    It is also not uncommon for our office to refer to other specialists such as Orthopedists, Neurologists, Psychologists.

Important Aspects For A Center Handling Auto And Work Related Injuries

Highly Trained Staff

Our staff consisiting of CA´s and therapists are all board certified and constantly being trained for handling PIP cases and different scenarios. They are chosen for their professionalism as well as genuine compassion

Our Office!!

«The center is spotless, modern and comfortable.  The staff is very friendly and helpful. Your clients will look forward to each visit.»

Office Equipment

Office equipment and diagnostic equipment including digital X-ray muscle testing and much more as well as software to get reports in a fast and expeditious manner.