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It’s important to know whether your medical expenses will be covered or you will be liable for the medical bills.  In our office we will always let you know from the beginning.
Whether the accident was your fault or not, in the state of Oregon, your car insurance automatically covers you for up to 15,000 dollars in medical bills.  You can only use it for medical 
bills and some other items covered.  You use it or lose it.  You pay for that coverage in your insurance premiums.  It’s there for you to use.  It can’t  be used for other purposes other that 
medical coverage.  There are ways you can lose that coverage such as waiting too long to use it or filing a claim with your insurance company.  In our office we will always let you know 
if you are covered or not.  There are instances where there is no insurance coverage.  We can than in some circumstances work on contingency where you won’t have to come out with 
out of pocket expenses.  

Call our office if you have any questions regarding different circumstances.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have in order for you to receive the care that you or your loved ones need.