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We are open with strong antiseptic and viral measures for your protection. If you need Chiropractic services or have recently been involved in an accident, please call us. Get the help you, your loved ones or friend needs. Thankyou. Stay safe.

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Why us?

Dr Hinojosa and Dr Kostin have over 24 years experience treating and dealing with the medico legal arena pertinente to car accident and work accident injuries.

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“Here is what a prominent attorney in Portland says”- on tips for auto accidents in their website Always seek medical attention after an auto-collision even if your injuries seem minor.

Medical Records, Diagnostics and Physician Reports from credicble health care professionals are important for proving human suffering and will help establish what your claim is worth.

In a motor vehicle accident, your attorney will be trusted with demonstrating how your soft tissue injuries have impacted your life and earning ability during the recovery process.

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“Here is what I say when there is a Car accident, Pedestrian accident or Work Accident – Dr. Carlos Hinojosa.
Some accident cases may require attorneys some do not. You will be the judge of that when the time comes. Make sure that you choose a clinic that understands and is experienced in the procedures for car accidents, work accidents as there is time sensitive information that needs to go the state, insurance companies and other organizations.

Make sure that you are not dealing with a mega complex that has so many offices that quality control is difficult to insure. Constant training of staff and doctors is essential to the positive outcome of not only the treatment for the patient but also for the client and paperwork to be supervised and revised.
We are only one big office may be expanding into 2 in the future. But no more than that as it is important to me to keep not only good quality control, but for me it is important that all of our staff not only have a very rofessional relationship with our patients but also get to connect in a more personal level. This is what I feel separates us from the rest.

You want to also make sure that the clinic has many positive google reviews especially when handling auto accidents. You also want to make sure that they are well versed in documenting injury and how it affects your life. Many clinicians only limit themselves to documenting injury but the truth is that juries, attorneys and insurance agents are not doctors and don’t know what a lot of the diagnosis means. This is why it is important that the clinician knows how to describe your injury in a manner that they will understand your injury. This comes with experience and training in the medico legal arena.
We understand this very well.


10 Things Auto And Work Injury Clinic Should Have!!
The center has the forms and can help you fill out and file time sensitive forms to the state.
The center can identify which are the organizations that need to receive pertinent legal forms and bills.
The center can identify which organizations need filing for your out of pocket expense to be as little if none.
The center can send your forms electronically and as the law requires to the pertinent insurance companies.
The center has close ties to the legal community and can recommend organizations or attorneys that can help you and have worked well in the past with prior patients.
The doctors have have much experience in treating and dealing with the medico-legal arena regarding auto and work injuries.
The center is well equipped and has diagnostic studies that can validate your injuries such as digital x-ray where the X-rays can be electronically sent immediately to organizations that are involved if there is an accident case pertinent.
The center has ties to other healthcare specialist if need be.
The center has an impecable reputation treating patients with these types of injuries and has achieved wonderful results treating patients.
The doctors and staff are sympathetic to your needs in this time which can be difficult both emotionally and economically.

Common symptoms after a car accident


There are usually muscle spams and muscle guarding associated with whiplash injuries.

Neck Pain

Is associated to trauma to neck muscles, tendons, ligaments and/or nerves.

Back Pain

If it lasts longer than a day or two, can be a sign of tissue injury. Important to get checked to insure that scar tissue is minimized.

Numbness or Tingling

To the arms or legs is usually associated to injured or pinched nerves. Important toget checked by your chiropractor

when choosing a chiropractor near you to treat whiplash injuries in ne portland, oregon 97230, insure the chiropractor is well versed with personal injury.

These types of accidents usually cause soft tissue injuries such as whiplash, spinal misalignments, muscle and joint problems that manifests in pain, mechanical disfunction to the back, neck, shoulder, knee, that can alter your daily and work life. Waiting for the pain to go away or the function to restore usually causes permanent damage to some degree and more times than none, the accident victim ends up having a disability that later effects their personal and professional life. Keep this in mind when choosing your Chiropractor, NE Portland.


Car or Work Accidents can bring questions like WHAT DO I DO NOW????
Car insurance and workers comp in Oregon usually covers the costs of treating these problems so that you don’t suffer. Our office policy is to always evaluate you for free to see if you need treatment. And if you do, we will file your insurance claim for you or help you in doing so. If you don’t have a lawyer representing you in an accident, many times there is no need for one. If you need one, we can recommend lawyers that have worked well with our patients that have done exceptionally well representing them.

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“Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. Back pain, neck pain, headaches, leg pain, sciatica, herniated discs, scoliosis and car accidents are reasons to come in and be evaluated.”
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